Pre Audit Advisory

Designed for growing businesses who have just hit the threshold to require or desire an audit our pre-audit advisory services help your corporate governance team to understand the assurance process.

We explain the audit process and help your internal financial team to see how we collate, review and test the financial data as part of the audit process. We can also review your current systems and internal controls to help you spot and fix any gaps in your current processes prior to your firm investing the financial resources into completing a full audit engagement.

This advisory service is also of benefit to new non for profit organisations who are looking to raise funds and want to show their board, their members and their donors that they have professionally approved procedures in place to ensure that there is integrity in your financial system and that your reports will be free of material misstatement.

If you have an audit or assurance matter you are unsure about please feel free to reach out and one of our friendly team would be happy to either assist you directly, or if it is a matter outside of our scope or of which we are conflicted we will always be able to recommend you to a fellow professional to ensure you get the advice you need.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Pre Audit Advisory Services please reach out for a confidential quote. Simply submit your details and one of our friendly team will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Decades of Experience

    Auditors Australia have a team of audit specialists with decades of experience providing services to companies and organisations throughout Australia.

    We have a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements specific to different audits and types of entities including the various legislation instruments that effect those entities.

    Our commitment is to develop long term professional working relationships with our clients providing value beyond the audit report itself via the provision of assurance advisory and support.

    Our professionals have an extensive range of skills in audit and related services and use the latest technology to provide efficient risk-based audits allowing us to be cost competitive while delivering additional value throughout the process.