Business Valuations

Simple Valuations
We work with private companies to provide business valuations either desk-based quick valuations for purposes such as fair market value calculations for ATO purposes when moving shares on non-arms length terms or to revalue the business for presentations to shareholders, potential investors or financial institutions.

Detailed Valuations

We also provide in depth due diligence based business valuations to assist clients looking to purchase or invest in an entity. This process including reviewing the previous assurance activities undertaken on the entity, their financial reports and, where possible, a review of their operations, procedures and management processes to detect potential issues prior to an investment being undertaken. Our reports reflect our multi-disciplinary approach, analysing financial and non-financial data to provide a comprehensive insight into the business.

Within the valuation process we will provide:

  • A detail Business Valuation Report
  • Financial Statement Analysis and providing feedback on the financial and assurance elements
  • A detailed Industry Analysis to examine industry trends which may effect the business both positive and negative

Note we will also work with trusted external providers to complete valuations for items such as stocktakes, Real Estate Valuations, Plant & Equipment Valuations and other individual assets requiring expert opinions.

how we help

Business Valuations

Decades of Experience

Auditors Australia have a team of audit specialists with decades of experience providing services to companies and organisations throughout Australia.

We have a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements specific to different audits and types of entities including the various legislation instruments that effect those entities.

Our commitment is to develop long term professional working relationships with our clients providing value beyond the audit report itself via the provision of assurance advisory and support.

Our professionals have an extensive range of skills in audit and related services and use the latest technology to provide efficient risk-based audits allowing us to be cost competitive while delivering additional value throughout the process.