What is a Forensic Audit?

What is a Forensic Audit?  | Forensic Accounting Services A forensic audit comes under the umbrella of forensic accounting services that involve an in depth examination of a company’s financial records along with operational and other data. A forensic audit aims to analyse financial transactions to detect bribery, fraud or corruption as opposed to standard audit […]

Importance of Internal Controls for Companies

Importance of Internal Controls for Companies Control Failures When reading about business failures, we usually focus on the firm or industry in question. You could do a search for the CEOs and other prominent people engaged, or you could keep track of the people who get caught in the crossfire of the media. However, we […]

What is a Financial Licensee or AFSL Audit

What is a Financial Licensee or AFSL Audit and are you complying with the Australian Financial Services Licensee requirements?  With regulations and reporting obligations constantly changing, you will want to ensure that you remain compliant as an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL). One of the conditions of your licenceis to have your financial statements audited […]

Completing an SMSF Audit

Completing an SMSF Audit  Independent Auditor When picking an independent SMSF auditor, it is important to keep in mind that the process should be much more than “tick and flick” and that the trustee or SMSF Accountant needs to focus on the level of complexity involved and the level of communication required with the audit firm. […]