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Our Adelaide Auditors are based in Norwood just a few minutes out of the CBD providing audit and assurance services to clients from Port Pirie to Mount Gambier and everywhere in between. Our Adelaide Auditors are passionate about the audit industry having chosen to focus their careers on this niche area, working with organisations to improve their reporting to increase stakeholder confidence. 

Audit firms are the trusted intermediaries between your accountants and the external parties relying on the financial statements whether that be for government regulators, fundraising bodies, investors, members, venture capital firms, or financial institutions. Along with increasing trust in your financial records we pride ourselves on providing value beyond the audit report itself in the way of recommendations and best practice tips to improve your internal processes and procedures.

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    Registered Company Auditor Adelaide

    With our dynamic risk evaluation toolset that is built on top of the best of breed international audit software, our company is established on the twin pillars of technical excellence and technological innovation. Because of the long-term emphasis that we have placed on technological innovation and automation, we are now in a position to offer a specialised service. This service combines computer-generated risk analysis and analytics with the expertise of trained audit professionals in order to improve audit quality while keeping costs within a reasonable range.

    Our business has been approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to operate as a Registered Audit Company, and it is operated Registered Company Auditors who have been granted individual licences by ASIC. Our staff have decades of expertise in offering audit and assurance solutions to the South Australian market and are passionate about bringing genuine value to businesses and organisations.

    Company Auditor

    A corporate audit entails applying professional scepticism to a company’s accounts, methods, and records in order to acquire a reasonable level of assurance that the reports are free of serious misrepresentation. Keep in mind that this does not imply that the work is flawless or error-free, but rather that there are no faults that will prevent stakeholders from using the reports effectively.

    In providing assurance solutions to businesses, our Registered Company Auditors take pride in the quality of their examinations. Using a combination of digital solutions based on our market-leading audit software platform and our own in-house workflow systems, we deliver a high level of assurance across all of our engagements, thereby maintaining consistently high quality audit executions. Our culture is quality-driven, and all engagements and final reports are completed by our directors, who also provide internal oversight and review throughout the engagement.

    AFSL Auditor – Financial Licensee Audits

    Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), all Australian Financial Services Licensee holders must provide the regulator with audited financial statements. Forms FS70 and FS71, along with a copy of the audited financial statements, are required for this submission. Depending on the kind of AFSL held by the business, these statements must be filed within three to four months of the end of the fiscal year. Note that in recent years ASIC has elected to extend this deadline by one month; however, we have no visibility into whether this extension will continue in future years.

    The AFSL Auditor will conduct an initial audit of the financial statements to validate that the given data is materially accurate, thereby providing assurance to the regulator. This requires an examination of a sample of source documents, which are often stored in the company’s Xero file or on another cloud-based platform. The carrying values of assets and liabilities shown on the balance sheet will also be evaluated for impairment. It is vital to note that you are required to provide cashflow estimates for the year being audited as well as three months following the conclusion of the audit period to ensure that the company has no solvency or liquidity risks.

    It is vital to note that you are required to provide cashflow estimates for the year being audited as well as three months following the conclusion of the audit period to ensure that the company has no solvency or liquidity risks.

    Alongside the audit of the financial statements, we will need to evaluate your compliance documentation, including risk management procedures, FSG, and compliance manuals, among others. Check out the AFSL Audits webpage for additional details.

    Not for Profit Auditor

    Adelaide AuditorsDepending on their annual revenue, charities registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) must complete certain levels of assurance. In general, the ACNC does not demand audits or reviews for small charities with a revenue of less than $250,000; the regulator is content to accept an Annual Information Statement alone. This does not always imply that smaller non-profits are free from an audit, depending on whether they are required to have one by their constitution or owing to the financing they have received, which may compel them to give acquittals or audited reports.

    Prior to submission to the ACNC, the financial reports of organisations with a turnover of up to one million dollars must be evaluated, although not necessarily audited. A review is essentially a scaled-down form of an audit, which is typically less expensive but gives a lower level of assurance and entails less scrutiny of an organization’s records. This is a negative assurance as opposed to a positive assurance, whereby the auditor of a non-profit organisation just needs sufficient proof to state that they are unaware of anything that would indicate noncompliance. A review may not be appropriate for organisations of this size, depending on the organization’s constitution, bylaws, and other organisational documents, as well as its financial sources. Our not-for-profit auditors can advise and assist organisations in determining whether a review or audit is more suitable for their particular circumstances. Our not-for-profit auditors can advise and assist organisations in determining whether a review or audit is more suitable for their particular circumstances.

    Entities registered with the ACNC with a revenue greater than one million dollars must present audited financial statements to the regulator. This audit demonstrates if the reports comply in all material respects with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 (Cth) as well as its associated regulations and the Charities Act 2013 (Cth). In this scenario, the not-for-profit auditor must collect sufficient audit data to enable a favourably worded assurance opinion that your organisation satisfies the Act’s standards.

    SMSF Auditor

    An SMSF Auditor is an auditor who is individually licenced by ASIC to conduct Self Managed Super Fund audits directly for trustees or through their accountants. Our onshore team is comprised of a number of outstanding SMSF auditors who conduct audits of SMSF files using the Class Super, Super Mate, or BGL360 software systems. As a digital company, we are unable to do audits using paper records. This is a quality control tool for us, as well as a business reality that conducting a manual SMSF audit is prohibitively expensive for the fund and not generally profitable for the auditor.

    Our audits are typically completed for a flat price and within a few business days, unless the fund is exceptionally complex or noncompliant. Our SMSF Auditors have extensive knowledge of the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act 1993 reporting obligations.

    Incorporated Association Audits

    All associations governed by the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 (SA) are required to conduct basic record keeping and generate reports on their financial position and performance. However, only associations that are “prescribed” – that is, have gross receipts of more than $500,000 per year, excluding member dues – must undergo an annual audit or conduct any assurance activities. This audit cannot be conducted by committee members or anyone with influence in the association, including their employees or members of their business staff.

    The auditor’s report must be completed and provided to the committee and the regulator no later than five months after the end of the association’s fiscal year and indicates whether the association’s recorded activities and finances are accurate; whether the any subsidiary entities or connected trusts have been examined; and whether all information, including answers to the auditor’s questions were received from the organisation.

    The auditor must immediately notify the regulator, Consumer Business Services, in writing if: there is a deficit in activities or finances; if the auditor has been removed, along with the reason for the removal if known; and if the association does not comply with the Act, such as by failing to hold the Annual General Meeting.

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